Trending-Rose Gold Jewelry and Metallic Accessories


As we all know, fashion recycles itself. Rose gold fashion jewelry and accessories have made a strong comeback and seem to be here to stay. From rings to earrings, bracelets to necklaces, clutches to watches, the shiny pink luster has stolen the show through Spring/Summer 2017. And it appears that rose gold will remain a mainstay through Fall/Winter 2017 as the mixed metals concept remains at the forefront of fashion. It's not just about one metal, but all metals stacked, layered, and intertwined. Read more


Jewelry Gifts Ideas


Gift ideas for traditional seasons, Valentine's Day, and wedding. Read more


Jewelry Trade Show Tips


After years of attending fashion jewelry trade shows, our team has determined that there is a formula for having a fulfilling trade show experience. Whatever trade show you attend, there will be various vendors with products available for your store. There’s also the temptation of getting a little something for you. Follow our trade show tips and have the best show season ever! Read more


Jewelry Displays Tips


Well the moment has come when you have made your decision to take the plunge and start selling jewelry. If you’re starting a small business or if you simply want to add jewelry products to diversify your business, we have compiled some helpful tips for displaying these wonderful items. Read more


Jewelry Cleaning Tips


When you are not wearing your fashion jewelry store it in a cool place such as a jewelry box or gift box. Try to separate the pieces individually to prevent scratches to gemstones and metals. You can also store your fashion jewelry in a fabric-lined case with separate compartments, or wrap pieces individually in soft tissue paper. Don’t take the risk of your jewelry pieces scratching one another. Read more


Fashion Fábrica de Joyas


We utilize whats called the ‘lost wax’ technique. It is derived from the process of removing the pattern, made of wax, from the ceramic investment mould. De-waxing is the term used to describe the process of wax removal from the mould. Read more


Fashion Jewelry Plating Process


One of the most crucial steps in manufacturing our beautiful jewelry is the plating process. We use only the finest 18 and 14 karat yellow gold and rhodium (cousin of platinum) to create our beautiful masterpieces. We use a process called Electroplating for all our fashion jewelry; let us share some basic information on this unique process: Read more


Jewelry Base Metals


The Fashion Fábrica de Joyas process uses different metals and alloys to produce traditional, contemporary, and unique pieces that are sold in gift shops, boutiques, online stores, and retail jewelry stores. Read more


New to the Jewelry Business?


So, you might have heard that fashion jewelry is the most lucrative business in the world. Or, you might have a passion for shiny baubles and gifts. Or, you might be looking for a low risk, low capital business that you can invest in. Whether you are the next jewelry name brand or moonlighting on eBay after work, we want to make sure you’re informed about this business. Read more


Jewelry Color and Material Codes


At J Goodin, we understand how difficult it can be identifying fashion jewelry pieces and accessories. We have published this table to help you understand our line of products. Read more


Brief History on Jewelry


Jewelry has made significant impressions on society dating back to ancient times. In ancient civilizations, gold was considered a preferred luxury metal because did not tarnish and was shapeable. Jewelry personified natural forms such as shells, plant life, and animals. Significant advances in style became increasingly evident with the setting of pearls and gemstones in shiny metals. Jewelry was worn in the form of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and wreathes. Read more


California Proposition 65 Jewelry Law


California has enacted new laws regarding the sale of retail jewelry in that state. Many other states are following suit and national chains and retailers are requiring for jewelry goods to comply with California law. The below information covers the basics you need to know to comply with California law. Read more


International Ring Sizes


These are the international rings sizes. We provide this chart to help our international customers to find their US equivalent ring size. Our knowledge and experience in the fashion jewelry industry at the import, wholesale, and distribution verticals allow us to offer our service in a way that meets the customer’s real business needs. We have learned over the course of our history that the most important specific goal in our business is to help the customer innovate and expand theirs. We have experienced great satisfaction from the overwhelming feedback that we have truly helped a business grow. Read more