Want to start a Jewelry Business? Do it from home, without the hassles of inventory. Dropship it! 
We make it easy to get started and help startups grow by taking the hassles away from inventory and giving you more time to focus on everything else.
We have thousands of products, quick turnaround times & much more!

Dropship Cycle

Advantages to Dropshipping

There are many ways to benefit from dropshipping. The biggest benefit is that less capital is required to start your business. This means that you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars stocking your store with inventory. Overhead costs are cut significantly when using the online drop ship model. You can work from anywhere and all you need is your computer. You get to set the retail price at whatever you want for nice profits because jewelry traditionally has a high resale value. Finally, growing your company is easier. In the brick and mortal retail model, the more business that comes requires more workers to process increasing order volume. Since the dropship company processes your orders, you don’t have to worry about hiring additional labor. This way you can focus your efforts towards providing excellent customer service and marketing your business.

Our dropship platform can be paired with the standard retail model too! Retail stores frequently utilize our dropship service to ship product they have just stocked out. You may also choose to drop ship some styles and stock others. The flexibility of our dropship and wholesale programs provides plenty of options for business owners to succeed.

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