Trending-Rose Gold Jewelry and Metallic Accessories

October 18, 2017

What's Old is New

As we all know, fashion recycles itself. Rose gold fashion jewelry and accessories have made a strong comeback and seem to be here to stay. From rings to earrings, bracelets to necklaces, clutches to watches, the shiny pink luster has stolen the show through Spring/Summer 2017. And it appears that rose gold will remain a mainstay through Fall/Winter 2017 as the mixed metals concept remains at the forefront of fashion. It's not just about one metal, but all metals stacked, layered, and intertwined.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is comprised of gold, a bit of silver, and copper. Percentages may vary but it's generally 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% silver. The percentage of copper is what drives the rosy pink color. The more copper, the more pink the gold looks.